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А.В.С. Translation Agency and A.B.C. (Language) Center (both are members of A.B.C. Group of Companies) have been providing their respective services to corporate clients and individuals for 26 years already. The A.B.C.’s corporate client portfolio includes hundreds of the biggest multinational commercial companies, international law, audit and consulting firms, embassies, NGOs, etc. In connection with the Russian war against Ukraine, A.B.C. Team is now operating in two countries (in Ukraine and in Poland) and continues its activities in the areas provided below:



We translate from and into many European languages, including Ukrainian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Polish. А.В.С. Translation Agency has three major domain-specific departments: legal, pharma-medical, and technical.

Legal translation department specialization:

– different types of agreements, deeds and contracts;
– foundation documents;
– litigation papers;
– legal due diligence;
– legislative regulations and resolutions;
– internal corporate papers, SOPs, etc.; and
– bookkeeping and finance reports, audit conclusions and summaries.

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Pharma-medical translation department specialization:

– pharma/clinical trial/bio documentation: registration dossiers for medicinal products, preclinical trial reports, instruction manuals, information for specialists about the use of a drug, pharmacovigilance documentation; clinical trial documentation; the main phases and types of clinical trials of medicinal products (MP) (investigator’s brochures, amendments thereto); protocols for clinical trials of MP; individual registration cards; informed consent forms; and different biological surveys and articles;
– medical documentation and medical equipment materials.


Technical translation department specialization:

software translation and localization;

– technical documentation (operation manuals, technical standards & instructions, equipment catalogs, etc.);

– project documentation: designs, calculations, and drawings;

– scientific works and articles related to different branches of science and technology; and

– promotional and advertising brochures and leaflets.


A.B.C. Center specializes in teaching Ukrainian and Russian, English, Polish, French, Spanish, German, Italian and offers an excellent expertise in international exams preparation.

Apart from degrees in Linguistics, A.B.C. teachers have international language and teacher-training certificates, including, inter alia, as follows: IELTS, TOEFL, CAE (Cambridge English Advanced), CPE (Cambridge English Proficiency), CELTA, DELTA, TKT, TEFL, TESOL.

We provide our clients with a wide range of programs, all of which offer a fully immersive experience and are customizable to meet the needs of our students.

The main types of programs include, but are not limited to: General English; Business English; Mixed (General+Business); Tailor-made (tailored to meet the needs of the Client); Industry-specific (specialized programs for many industries, as well as for representatives of various fields: lawyers, sales managers, logistics, IT professionals, financiers, accountants, marketers, pharmacists, etc.); International exams preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, CPE).

We conduct our classes on the platforms Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex. All the platforms provide an opportunity to divide students into groups, which enables the teacher to control the performance of each group.

Lesson materials are adapted to the online format: our teachers actively use presentations, online boards, interactive sites, games as well as engage students in watching and discussing videos. Speaking skills are practiced in pairs and mini-groups.

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