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Workshop “English For Videoconferencing”

Date: January 28 , 15:00-18:00; February 25, 15:00 – 18:00.

Required English level: Intermediate.

Cost: 700 UAH.

Apply: 044 529-41-99, 067 240-91-72 or fill the form below


Videoconferencing is booming nowadays. Face-to-face communication might be daunting enough, but when handling meetings remotely you need to be on guard all the time. This workshop will help you anticipate and deal with technical pitfalls, as well as overcome oral jams. We will provide you with a holistic view of functional language essential for each and every stage of the meeting. Moreover, you will become aware of how the choice of grammar might affect the perception of your message.


Don’t miss the workshop where we are going to unveil the tips for successful conferencing.


We’ll go the extra mile to make it fun, easy and communicative.


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