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Workshop А.В.С.: Grammar for Negotiations

A well-known maxim holds: “No skill is more central to your professional career than the skill of negotiation».

Do you, like most of us, despite negotiating on a daily basis, still refer yourself to those who are convinced that if you deco   rated  your offer with subtle grammar, you’d be by far and away more successful in meeting your negotiating objectives? If your answer is affirmative, than our master class is targeted specifically for you!

We’ll provide you with valuable insights into the art of questioning; you’ll learn how to avoid getting an immediate negative response, how to disagree without being too direct, how to express explicitly your willingness to be flexible, how to be assertive without sounding hostile.

You’ll hone the skill of making your offer more tentative rather than direct, neutralizing and depersonalizing accusations and leaving the door open to further negotiation.

Date and Time: September, 15.30 – 17.30

Required level: Higher Intermediate /Upper Intermediate

Address: A.B.C. Group of Companies Office in Kyiv
(1st floor, 23/35 P.Lumumby str)
Participation: 700 UAH


Tatiana Kovalenko – English teacher, Business Trainer, Director of Studies A.B.C. World Languages Center

Реєстрація за телефоном (044) 529 41 99, (067) 240 91 72 або mprokipets@abccenter.kiev.ua



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