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Courses Ukrainian/Russian

Russian language, level A2

Basic Level (Elementary)


This course is aimed at those who have studied the Russian language before and can satisfy their elementary communicative needs.


The program is focused on cementing everyday language skills and forming the ability/competence to make contacts, express opinions and appraisals in everyday situations.


The aim of the course is to expand active vocabulary on everyday topics, widen the main subject and vocabulary groups such as sports, free time, cinema, reading, leisure, health etc.; moreover, it is aimed at the development of language competence in various everyday situations such as asking for information, agreeing/disagreeing, appraisal, requests, discussing plans etc.


During the course, students will improve their grammatical skills, including the use of verb forms, case forms of both nouns and adjectives, and learn some types of complex sentences.


Methodology. The emphasis is put on the use of various dialogues, practicing of grammar structures in real-life situations and usage of mini texts based on everyday situations such as menu in a restaurant, weather forecast, TV programs, short advertisements.


The course duration is 110 academic hours (55 classes).


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