Courses Ukrainian/Russian

Russian language, level A1

Elementary communication level (Starter)


This course is aimed at those who have never studied the Russian language before or studied it for a short period of time in the past.


The course is focused on helping students to overcome the language barrier and to form basic speaking skills for everyday situations. The aim of the course is to provide students with the basic grammar and vocabulary they need to discuss topics of daily life such as shopping, visiting restaurants, cultural and sports events, to be able to introduce themselves, speak about their families, plans and intentions. 


During the course students will learn basic grammatical constructions of the Russian language, including the tenses, functions of the cases; basic vocabulary on topics of daily life and collocations for everyday communication.


Methodology. The emphasis is put on dialogues and vocabulary based on certain topics. Grammar is learnt through dialogues based on real everyday situations.


The course duration is 110 academic hours (55 classes).


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