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Courses Ukrainian/Russian

Russian language, C1 level

Advanced level


This course is designed for people who can already freely speak Russian and wish to learn how to express their thoughts automatically and to study the finesses of the Russian culture.


The purpose of the course is to polish skills of students in order to freely speak to any social and cultural topics, to teach them to effectively use the language in professional area and to understand the sophisticated original texts in details.


The course is aimed at familiarizing the students with stylistic diversities of Russian and getting further skills of practical use of terminology and grammar of different styles, as well as at in-depth studying the variations of syntax structures.


When taking the course, the students study the stylistic differentiation of the modern Russian language, learn how to use the wide specter of language means for reasoning their position and structuring their expressions related to abstract topics.


The methodology of studies at this level stipulates a significant amount of reading and listening of original texts with their further detailed analysis, as well as systematization of learned language structures. The great attention is paid to mastering skills of monologue speech, including its binding means, and to using the rhetoric techniques.


The approximate duration of the full course is 200 academic hours (100 classes).



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