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Встреча грамматического клуба состоится  в среду 18 октября с 19.00 по 20.30


Have you ever thought why the Present Perfect is probably the most imperfect tense in English grammar? And why is it actually present if it can refer to the past?

If you are really determined to beat this grammar troublemaker, you are welcome to join our Wednesday’s club at ABC Center. You will learn:


  • why time reference is so important for differentiating between the Present Perfect and the Past Simple;


  • what adverbs can help you recognize the Present Perfect, and why you should be cautious about them;


  • whether there are any differences between how Americans and the British use the Present Perfect.


When: Wednesday, October 18, 19.00 -20.30.


Where: A.B.C. Center, 23/35 Ioanna Pavla II (Patrisa Lumumby) St., Office 13.


Topic: Present Perfect vs Past Simple.


Language: English.


Level required: Intermediate/Upper Intermediate.


Trainer: Mikhail Kliuka, A.B.C.’s teacher trainer, teacher of legal, business, and general English, IELTS Certificate holder.


Participation Fee UAH 100.  


The number of participants is limited. Please register at HERE until 12.00, October 17.





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