Intensive training

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  • The time and days of studies are determined for each group depending on requirements and opportunities of students.


  • The intensive courses are offered either on group or individual basis.


  • The classes take place from 3 to 7 times per week.


  • Each class may last for 1, 2 or more academic hours (45 min, 90 min and so on).


  • In two months, the students may speak, read, percept the speech and know all general grammar points.


  • Intensive courses last for 30-60 days in average.


  • The student determines the goal of studies and the A.B.C. methodologists create an individual program which fully complies with all client’s needs.


  • Depending on the study goals, it is possible to arrange the language immersion without leaving the city.


  • The best A.B.C. professionals and native speakers are engaged in the teaching process.


  • A.B.C.’s on-line platforms allow any student working with terminology for unlimited period of time, all at his/her own discretion.


  • We guaranty the quality of teaching and offer free-of-charge correction course, if the study goal has not been achieved.


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