Industry specific

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1. Unique, tailor-made programs for all the main branches of economy and industry.


2.  Maximum proximity to the client’s business environment – the use of authentic handouts such as standard documents, e-mails, presentations etc.


3. Benefiting the students by offering them a wide range of topics related to every industry and enabling them to select those which are most relevant to them.


4. The programs incorporate a unique combination of communicative approach to studying the language and functional approach to grammar, which enables our students to put the acquired knowledge into practice immediately.


5. Industry-specific programs are conducted by the most experienced teachers and methodologists, including native speakers.


6. Many-sided online monitoring of the students’ progress, which is carried out by the teacher, client care manager, project coordinator on the part of the business partner, and by the students.


7. Regular testing of students by independent teachers and methodologists of our Center.


8. On-line support of the lessons as part of the blended learning model: consultations on missed classes; additional practice at the student’s convenience; electronic repository of the materials; an option of self-study of the topic not covered by the main program.


9. Flexible teaching formats: full-time course (55 classes), short course (10 classes), master classes (240 minutes).


10. Written guarantee of the quality of the rendered services.


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