Запропонований нижче тест визначить ваш рівень знання англійської мови.



Будь ласка, вкажіть одну правильну відповідь в кожному тестовому завданні.

Після закінчення тесту, будь ласка, залиште свої контактні дані, щоб наші менеджери могли повідомити Вам результати тестування та запросити на усну співбесіду.

1. How often ________ she ________ here?
2. What ___________ right now?
3. ___________ eggs in this cake?
4. Many people say that childhood is __________ time of their life, but I think the adult life is _______ exciting than going to school.
5. Why ______________ me from the station last night?
6. Generally, Jane likes parties, but she ___________ to be alone right now.
7. I must go. I _______________ Sarah for lunch.
8. People say that in 100 years, there _______ be any cash in the world.
9. What _____________ when the accident happened?
10. I ______ to eat meat, but now I’m a vegetarian.
11. Tom and I are good friends. We __________ each other for six years.
12. It’s a great feeling when you _______________ do anything and you can stay in bed all day!
13. How long _____________ that book?
14. He wanted to avoid ___________ the same mistake again.
15. The children ____________ something to eat by the kitchen staff at the moment.
16. Jane doesn’t enjoy her job. She’s ____________ because she does the same thing every day.
17. I won’t help you ____________you promise to help me too.
18. If I __________ my mobile with me, I__________ them now.
19. If I didn’t like you, I _____________ to your party last week.
20. Can I ask you where __________ from?
21. We were so late that the show _______________ before we got there.
22. Just think, this time tomorrow we _____________ our English exam.
23. I wish John _____________ smoking in the flat. It’s so annoying!
24. You’ve been here all day. You ______________ the washing up at least.
25. Not only _________ brilliantly, but he’s also a great actor.

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