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Learner Centerdness: Teachers’ Seminar 24.02.2017



Have you ever thought what efficient teaching involves?


Undoubtedly, it’s all about our dedication, profound knowledge, thorough preparation, resourcefulness, and juggling multiple tasks and goals simultaneously and flexibly. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Learner Centerdness - Teacher's seminar, ABC World of Languages

What else can we do to improve and accelerate the learning process? Moving a learner to the focus of the learning process rather than a teacher is the real key to success. Remember, what your student does is actually more important to their learning than what you, as a teacher, do. After all, they are why we have a job and why we do what we do.


By taking part in our seminar you will learn more about learner centeredness. It embraces the whole range of different approaches and classroom techniques and we’ll gladly share them with you.


The advantages of learner-centred teaching are obvious:
– it maximises learners’ participation and engagement levels;
– it creates more memorable, personalised, and meaningful learning experiences;
– it encourages learners to reflect on what they are learning and how they are learning it.


By the end of the seminar, you’ll know how to make your lessons more learner-centred, which means more communicative use of language, higher levels of STT, student interaction and involvement.


Be prepared to have fun and experiment!


Date&Time: Friday, Feb 24, 17:00-19:00


Place: ABC World of Languages Center, Patria Lumumby Str. 23/35, office 13


Price: UAH 200




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