General course of Italian Nuovo Progetto Italiano 1


The course is aimed at the development of communicative and speaking skills, improvement of grammatical accuracy as well as reading and writing skills. It will enable students to understand texts and songs’ lyrics and watch films in the original.


After completion of the course, students will be able to:


introduce themselves, speak about their family, their city and country; express their opinions clearly, make various presentations in Italian; discuss with native speakers a wide range of topics such as leisure, features of Ukrainian and Italian cuisine, cultural differences between Italy and Ukraine, places of interest in their city and country; feel at ease while booking accommodation, getting around a city, visiting shops, going out (to theatres, cinemas, concerts, cafes and restaurants); do business correspondence and write personal letters in Italian.



Methods of teaching: the course is based on a communicative approach to language learning.


The main teaching and learning activities of the course include reading newspapers and magazines in Italian, listening to dialogues, songs and texts, watching video clips, short films and cartoons in the original, having discussions, and doing role-plays based on real-life situations.



Course duration: 50-100 lessons (100-200 hours)


Level required: Beginner, Pre-Intermediate


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