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1. Debbie couldn’t understand why her computer crashed; it ________perfectly for as long as she could remember.
2. My niece’s riding accident was rather a setback because she ________to pursue a career as a ballet dancer.
3. People __________less meat recently because of the crisis.
4. Look out! You ________ the wine!
5. By July they ­­­­_________ this house for a year.
6. The minister will have his press officer _________ the news tomorrow.
7. John can’t stand being _____ around.
8. Theirs was probably the most glamorous wedding __________ featured in the pages of “Hello” magazine to date.
9. From April your dog will be able to travel with you_______ he _______ a rabies vaccination and is wearing an identification tag.
10. I_____ rather you ______ let the dog sit in front of the car.
11. I ________more thrilled when I heard about your promotion.
12. No sooner ______ set out _____ the skies opened.
13. A return to exclusive and expensive air travel is something nobody would ________ advocating.
14. Airlines usually recommend _______the legs and feet regularly, and advise _______ walks up and down the aisle at least once an hour.
15. I would like to point out that you _______ pay your subscription until your membership application has been processed, so those of you who joined at the fair last Saturday ________ provided cheques on the spot.
16. For me, the highlight of this past week's science news was the images_________ back from the Curiosity rover.
17. As we slump in front of the television, __________in ‘reality’ television, living our adventures through the words and pictures of others.
18. The new government bill seeks to _______ the existing legislation.
19. _________ to the advent of the Industrial Revolution, pollution was virtually unheard of.
20. The strike will seriously ________ train services.
21. There’s an _________ difference between manslaughter and murder.
22. There has been a constant rise ___ the rate of inflation. Prices have gone up ___ about 4 per cent every year since 2010.
23. A lot of people lost their homes when the interest rate rose so much they were unable to pay off their _______.
24. The company has gone into ______ with debts of about £20 million.
25. It’s a good idea to ________ by applying to more than one programme.
26. Look, I'm really snowed _____ at the moment. Can this wait?
27. Smith has since _________deceiving more than twenty other customers.
28. I didn't like the film at first, but then it __________.
29. _______water shortage, Southern Water has introduced a ban on garden hosepipes.
30. If you continue to ______ debts at this rate, you will have to declare bankruptcy eventually.

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