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English for Banking and Finance

The aim of the course is to enable professionals in the field of banking and finance to learn relevant vocabulary and master essential oral and written communication skills in the shortest possible time.

Course objectives:

During the course the participants will:

  • learn a wide range of industry-specific vocabulary across subject areas that include banking products and services, corporate finance, risk, late payment, insolvency, crisis management, customer service, auditing, etc.;
  • develop the skills crucial for work in banks and finance such as negotiating, presenting, describing graphs and tables,telephoning, taking part in meetings, considering loan applications and applications for a loan modification, making proposals, insisting on payment, dealing with customer complaints, etc.;
  • sharpen their skills in maintaining paperwork in English through analysis of authentic financial documents including loan applications of private individuals and corporate clients, a company’s financial statement (a balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow statement), income certificate,  tax return, audit contract and audit report, etc.;
  • hone their written communication skills through writing reports, formal and semi-formal emails, letters, applications, etc.;
  • improve the accuracy of their speech through learning functional grammar.


Methodology:  The course is mainly based on communicative approach to language teaching. In the classroom it takes the form of skills-based exercises, simulations, case studies, role plays, pair work and panel discussions among other activities.

Course duration: the course is offered in three formats:

  • a full course (110 hours or 55 classes)
  • a short course (20 hours or 10 classes)
  • a master class (240 min)

Required language level: Pre-Intermediate and higher


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