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Effective Negotiations

The aim of the course is to make participants feel more comfortable with negotiatingin English through providing them with the relevant vocabulary, enhancing their communication skills and grammar accuracy.

Course objectives:

During the course the participants will:

  • learn key vocabulary for conducting successful negotiations in English within their field;
  • acquire communication skills and techniques essential for reaching optimal negotiation outcomes: small talk, agreeing agenda points, stating goals, presenting proposals and counterproposals, active listening, resolving differences, getting past no,dealing with difficult questions, making and obtaining concessions,closing the deal, etc.;
  • master grammar constructions necessary for effective negotiating: question forms, conditionals, verb tenses for unreal situations, concession clauses, words and phrases stating likelihood, structures for making offers, expressing regret, etc.;
  • gain valuable insights into international negotiations. 

Methodology:  Being based mainly on communicative approach the course features panel discussions, skills-based exercises, pair work, role plays, case studies, simulations and other activities designed to actively engage participants in the negotiation process.

Course duration: the course is offered in two formats:

  • a short course (20 hours or 10 classes)
  • a master class (240 min)

Required language level:  Upper Intermediate and higher.


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