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Effective Business Correspondence: May 25th

Effective Business Correspondence


Do you still find it challenging to write emails internationally? Can you boast of being a dab hand at getting your message across clearly but effectively?

Effective business correspondence

This master class is designed for those who are determined to gain and hone the skill of balancing between being courteous but firm, personal but professional.


You’ll learn how to write simple and well-structured emails; how to give information and request actions in a way, which is sure to be understood by the reader; how to communicate sensitive topics positively, in an open, unambiguous, and respectful way.


Level required: Higher Intermediate – Upper-Intermediate


Duration: 3 hours


When: 25 May, 5.30 to 8.30 pm


Where: ABC Center, 23/35 Ioanna Pavla II (Patrisa Lumumby) St., Office 13


Language: English


Trainer: Tatiana Kovalenko (ABC Director of studies, teacher-trainer and coach of internal and external trainings, workshops and master classes “Banking and Finance”, “Business Correspondence”, “Effective Negotiations”, “Grammar for Negotiations” “Grammar for Business’, “Articles for Advanced Learners, etc.; a developer of Business and Industry-specific syllabi for ABC clients).


Participation fee: UAH 450


Early bird registration: UAH 390 (till 11 May)


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