Англійська Корисні матеріали

10 цікавих англійських слів

Сьогодні хочемо ознайомити вас з десятьма корисними словами в англійській мові та одночасно з цим поповнити ваш словниковий запас 


1️⃣ ️Sallow: having an unnatural yellowish or pale skin color
Example: As the woman grew older, she was bothered by constant illness that made her appear sallow.


2️⃣Celery: rapidity of motion or action.

Example: Our celerity is never enough to our boss.


3️⃣ ️Fawn: to try to get the approval of an important or powerful person by giving that praise, special attention.

Example: During the speech, everyone in the audience seemed to fawn over the speaker.


4️⃣Jovial: indicative of or marked by high spirits or good humor.

Example: John has no idea what made his mom angry one minute and jovial the next.


5️⃣Adamant: sticking to an opinion, purpose, or course of action in spite of reason, arguments or persuasion.

Example: You seemed adamant about not stealing a few minutes ago.



6️⃣Colossal: very large or great.

Example: You must think I am colossal liar.


7️⃣Dissemble: to hide your true feelings and opinions.

Example: While it was easier to dissemble my true feelings, it was really hard to express it.


8️⃣Besiege: to surround a city or building with soldiers and try to take control of it.

Example: These beggars will often besiege tourists with their pleas for money.


9️⃣Aesthete: a person who recognizes and values beauty in art or music.

Example: Because of his fondness in theatres, his dad considers him as an aesthete.


🔟 Fickle: Changing one’s mind constantly.

Example: His fickle mind was his weapon in the relationship.



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